Never too late

I am very mad at myself for waiting to the very end of the semester to write these posts. It is going to be hard for me to search my data base of memory to all the topics we have covered in the past months. But thanks to my fellow students blogs I am hoping their thoughts will spark remembrance of what went on in class and I will be able to successfully complete this procrastinated mess I created. What I do know for sure is that I have learned a lot. I have a new way of looking at what is presented in front of me and that it is always good to question and search for more answers. This class has somewhat scared me as well. I feel like my eyes have been opened and that I am awake after being in a Facebook coma for some time. In creating this submarine festival I have learned that our generation has lost a lot of our imagination and I am going to fight to get it back. I am not sure if following the rules and regulations of society and school has taken this gift from me or if it is the constant flow of media that has made it easy to just sit back and let the gadgets do the work. What I do know is that this class has created a spark in how I look at the world and my future and I think that is a wonderful thing I am walking away with.

A very popular Youtube video that came out a some weeks ago titled “Project Glass” is the definition of what I don’t want to happen in the future. These special glasses are basically a high-tech cell phone that is hands free. In the video it follows a day in the life of what it would be like if you had these glasses. Granted these glasses could make life easier by being able to use the maps app for directions but I personally miss the simpler times of paper maps. My dad taught me at an early age how to use a Thomas Guide and he refuses to do Mapquest. This way of thinking may be very outdated but there is a wholesomeness to this way of life that I don’t feel from relying on cellphones. It just scares me that our generation are so attached to these mini computer geniuses that soon I have no doubts they will do all the work for us. It is a beautiful thing to be human and make mistakes but right now I feel like we are so focused on using technology to be perfect that we forget that is okay to get lost on our way.


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looking into the mirror

This past week we watched 15 million merits and since then I can’t get this show out of my head. On the surface this seemed to be just a  sci fi future special but in reality this is a reflection of the now. It scares me where the world is going, that clicking has become more important than thinking. The world of 15 million merits wasn’t that far-fetched.  Facebook has taken over and it’s here to stay. “Someone who likes apples also likes banana” It has created a whole new way of thinking and we have become so immune to it that it’s hard to remember what life was like without it. I catch myself checking my Facebook and embarrassing amount of times per day but I fee like I almost need to or I am going to miss something “important”

In 15 million merits their life is facebook and there is no escaping it. I found it so relatable in many ways and it was almost releiving to know that people are thinking about how messed up the system really is. I hate that so much of my life now depends on who I am on facebook. Even last night I heard my roommates going on and on about why this person chose to have these pictures of themselves or if they should get the new timeline because it looks so “cool”. Their conversation went on and on and it just made me even more aware how facebook is so important in our generation.

After we watched 15 million merits I went home and watched the first episode of black mirror. Again I was drawn into the how real these shows felt. In this episode the prime minister of England was threatened with the death of the princess if he did not have sex with a pig on national television. At first he thought there was not a chance in the world he would have to go through with such a terrible disgusting act, but as word traveled through out twitter, youtube and all over social media, he almost had to or his own life would be threatened. Yet again this was a scary yet all to familiar way of thinking about present day. News now travels like wildfire all over the internet and we all can have a voice on the web. The prime minister had no choice to go through with having sex on tv because almost all of the public was now involved and he had lost all control.

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